La Ca' Rossa

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The speciallity


The Restaurant La Ca 'Rossa
serves traditional cuisine of the Piedmont, such as Ravioli del Plin,
the ravioli, the hand, the tune Vitel, Bagna Cauda, or Stop theknife ..
near the most imaginative dishes such as balsamic vinegarToma d'Alba or turkey breast with hazelnuts,
or the delicious mushrooms in cream to straw and hay.

The fresh pasta is the undisputed queen of First Courses,
and here in La Ca 'Rossa is still done at home as was her grandmother.

The desserts are made in a House ....
Bonet from the classic, the humorous pie pasticcio di Amaretti,
Pannacotta with the sweet mustard Grape Bonarda
or a delicious tiramisu with lemon or hazelnut cake ..
with zabaglione freshly made ....
and second?

Gran Fritto Misto Piedmont made
or Brasato Cisterna d'Asti
Bagna Cauda ..... .....
the frock .. .......

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